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Coaching with Lisa Wilson

Meet Lisa

ICF ACC Certified Coach

I have coached many people to help them gain confidence, improve relationships and set and achieve goals. I work with people to help them gain clarity, make choices and overcome blocks that are preventing them from living the life they would like.

Prior to training as a coach, I spent over 20 years working in marketing and IT. As such, I understand the pressures and challenges of working in business environments, interpersonal difficulties and barriers to effective communication.


Coaching can help with

Life transitions

Improving relationships

Career development

Developing confidence

Setting goals and creating a plan

Finding your own path through coaching

Start your journey on the path to self discovery

"Coaching helped me to talk through my goals. Being asked the right questions allowed me to work out how I could start to work towards them."

"I was able to find a way forward, whereas I'd previously felt quite stuck."

"I’m more confident and better able to prioritise my own needs. I can now say 'no' to people and not worry about the consequences."

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30 minute coaching discovery call

This is a chance for us to discuss how coaching might be able to help and get a sense of how it feels to work with me.